Stealth Guard is a new form of screen protection that is actually cut in store specifically for your phone.  Our trained staff will have one of our revolutionary Stealth Guard Machines cut your screen protector, and they will apply it to your device.

You can now not only protect your screen, but our machines also cut film for the back of your phone and smart watches giving you all round protection.




Crystal Clear Protection: Fully transparent high-quality screen protector with no impurities.  

Tough, Flexible and Durable Protection: Tough yet flexible enough for flat, curved or foldable device screens.  

Self-Healing Technology: Self-rejuvenating film heals itself from minor scratches.  

Scratch Resistant: Tough plastic resists minor scratches.  

Fingerprint Resistant: Hydrophobic oil layer resists marks left behind by fingerprints.  

Customized Screen Protection: Screen protection cut for any smartphone/smart watch device in store in seconds.



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