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PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM Black Edition

21 Oct 2019


PanzerGlass ClearCase Black Edition iPhone 11 midnight green


Protect the Midnight green or another beautiful colour you paid for with PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM Black Edition. – Do not hide the beautiful design of the new iPhone in a dark case.

PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM Black Edition protects the sides and back, while still letting you enjoy the design.


  • Protect the fragile sides of your iPhone 11
  • Protect the back of iPhone 11
  • Enjoy the beautiful design
  • Protection against drops and scratches
  • Perfect match with PanzerGlassTM screen protectors
  • Fits right over the buttons for easy use
  • Full access to all functions

Read more about our new and stronger ClearCaseTM Black Edition here. 

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If you want to know more about the ClearCase™ Black Edition, please contact us here.