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Energizer Hubs

21 Oct 2019

As more and more laptop manufacturers start to adopt the latest USB Type-C protocol even for their budget models, users have the opportunity to enjoy transfer speeds and features that were only available to expensive models in the past. But that brought a problem along: To cut down cost, many models come with 1 or 2 such ports, making hard for someone to connect multiple external devices.

Energizer USB Type-C hubs

This problem is easily solved by buying a hub and that’s what Avenir Telecom is bringing to the market with the launch of its new range of Energizer USB Type-C hubs. Avenir is neither the first manufacturer to do that nor it will be the last but having many choices never hurt anyone. So, the Energizer USB Type-C hubs -five in total- are compatible with the latest generation of laptops, tablets, and smartphones equipped with USB-C ports. And they bring multiple ports so that users can have easy access to USB-A, HDMI 4K, MicroSD and USB-C ports to synchronize data, charge devices or share screen.

Energizer USB Type-C hubs

Energizer USB Type-C hubs are already available to order and to for more information about availability in specific countries as well as their full specs, you can visit the product page.

Energizer USB Type-C hubsEnergizer USB Type-C hubsEnergizer USB Type-C hubs

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